More of MOR please

July 2, 2009

Best thing about travelling is finding all these little nick nacks that makes me miss the place that I visited. I tend to check out the beauty counters a lot and read lots of magazines and MOR Cosmetics was being featured quite a bit. They were on top of my Need-To-Own-For-The-Sake-Of-It list.

Why MOR ? I really do love the packaging and the wrapping more than the content of the toiletries. So antique, so old school…so classic! Check out the website and the range of items they have. I’d collect them just for novelty but they are a tad pricey. However, they make very good gifts to my girlfriends. Afterall, who will says no to MOR ?







June 26, 2009

Nope. I am not trying to regulate my period.

Getting back to the same old mundane daily conundrums might not be the best decision ever but it does keep me on the ground for awhile as
my circle of life regulates itself.

My internet at home was down and thus explained my no post for ages.

1. Birthday was awesome with a getaway to Hong Kong & Macau. H&M was on sale and was the happiest gal in the shops. Also, had good time catching up over dinner with sum frens. Cant wait for London & Paris. Primark, Sephora, Selfridges, Topshop, H&M , Harrods and MIU MIU here I come.

2. BAH. My insomnia kicked in again.I passed out at home after 3 nights in a row of sleepless night. Was admitted to the hospital and refered to a Psychology Doctor. Could I really deep inside be suffering from depression ? boohooo..

3. I have frequent SSF in Penang twice in a month. Found the perfect ala victorian style dressing table. So chio right ? I want one too !!!


4. Have been checking out some beauty blogs and managed to get hold of some Beautymaker products from Taiwan.I guess the brand need no introduction. Not only the price are cheap they really work for me. Do give it a try if you chance upon them. Now I want a trip to TAIPEI to stock on them.


May 19, 2009

another sleepless night.

bad shape.

i tried everything that i could.

warm milk. camomile tea. lavender eye pillow. locittane pillow mist. read. exercise.

you have any other suggestions ?

A book with a secret

May 11, 2009


The ring on the book create an interesting shadow of a heart shape.  Such a beautiful picture.

On another note, here are some rather random but interesting images.



Time to ramble bout my last….

1. Person I called
Ling – The ex Melium Loyalty Manager

2. Item I last bought
Blackberry Curve half sponsored by Mummy dearest

3. Person I IM with

4. Movie I watched
X Men – Wolverine

5. Drink I made

6. Received something from
A wrist band from Willies and vintage tees from Bangkok by KC.

7. Dinner I ate out with
Amy at Delicious, Bangsar Village

8. Song I listened to
Start from Here by Joanna Wang.

9. Most of your money goes to
Clothes and shoes that I dont need. Generic happiness.

10. Last TV Programme watched
Desperate Housewives Season 5

My Dorsage of Verbal Diarrhea

May 5, 2009

I have been stacked up by work and life goes back to normal with daily clocking in and clocking out at Melium. My company is down by half and I am currently filling 3 person’s work. Budget, budget and more budget. I got to work on all 15 brands budget and now all numbers looks the same to me. DAMN. How much I hate work these days that I dread waking up every morning. I hope this will past very soon.

3 more week till I age, a year older, none the wiser.

On a brighter side, I will be travelling to HK & Macau for my birthday and to London, Paris  & Rome in September all courtesy of Daniel.

Not being a very gadget person, I received 2 new gadget recently. Panosonic Lumix3 and a Blackberry Curve 8900. Not only they are gorgerous and no doubt they performed well too.


Such a beautiful creation. Mine was black. I prefer it to be classic.Xiaxue got hers all blinged out. Check out her blog.

How not to fall in love with these ?

April 24, 2009

Oh gosh…. I would do anything to get this dress. Isn’t it gorgerous?

The most stunningly magical dress Marchesa has created . I am in complete AWE. This is the  sort of dress I dream of wearing and owning, like something out of Enchanted. The strapless dove silk blend dress combines beading, lace and delicate patterning in such a perfectly elegant way. With a boned bodice and asymmetric finish it is ideal for both slim and curvaceous women. Of course the price doesnt comes easy too. I shall go back and dream tonight.



April 23, 2009

If I am not slightly tight this month or actually every other month, I’d love to buy myself this, this, this and this or I dont mind receiving them for my birthday if you are feeling generous. Hehe

1. Blackberry Curve 8900

2. IPOD Classic with the complete sound system

3.  Prada Gauffre Bag – In this beige or in black ? Hmm… How about both ?


4.YSL Medium Downtown in Black

5. A new Channel / Prada Sunnies



6. A Prosumer ( between consumer and professional ) camera

7. Sergio Rossi or a Manolo Heels pretty please…