Color Therapy


The anicient art of “Color Therapy” has long been practised in Ayurvedic therapies in India. The healing powers of color therapy have been used in many other nations including ancient Babylon and Egypt. Got this guide when i was shopping for my 550 thread counts of pillowcase at Pattaya. Do give it a try if you have the extra cash or chance upon them as they are soo soft and silky.

Red is a symbol iof vitality and ambition.The color can solve impotency and help raise the blood pressure and increase circulation. Use RED when you wan your sexual powers to pour out and dont use it when you are under stress or when you need no attention.

Orange is the color of athletes for it is about joy and constructiveness. The color elevates the feeling of self-confidence,joy and ambitio. Use ORANGE when you want to have fun and NOT to use ORANGE when you are exhausted.

Yellow is the color of performers coz a person always stands out in the crowd in Yellow.It is the color of focal points, associating with the expression of thoughts.
Yellow also heals the digestive system. Use Yellow when you want to pay attention to details, when you are studying and down use yellow when you want to unwind.

Green is suitable for those soul searching, and looking for a new direction in romance. The color is good for soothing as it reduces stress.Use Green when you want to have a new persepective and dont use green when you are confused or when you dont want to face the truth.

Blue implies duty and whoever likes blue is a thinker. That person loves to be with the like-minded and doesnt want to mingle with stangers. Use Blue when you want to create the feeling of similarities and dont use blue when you are lonely or depressed.

Indigo indicates the major change in your life and signifies the intention to claim one’s self order to respond to a certain situation. Use Indigo when you’re looking for a goal or when you want to be free from addiction. Dont use Indigo when you’re lost in thought and have no determination.

Pink is the symbol of unconditional love.The color influences your mind to be more sensitive and at the same time challenges you to face your weakness/Use Pink when you want to make someone fall for you and Pink are not to be used when you are vulnerable.

Brown brings a sense of nature and it is the color of mother earth. Brown is the perfect color when you want to work hard and are dealing with financial matters. Dont use Brown when you have to use enormous energy or when you are low.

Go decide for yourself what color you want. I have pick my color.


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