June 26, 2009

Nope. I am not trying to regulate my period.

Getting back to the same old mundane daily conundrums might not be the best decision ever but it does keep me on the ground for awhile as
my circle of life regulates itself.

My internet at home was down and thus explained my no post for ages.

1. Birthday was awesome with a getaway to Hong Kong & Macau. H&M was on sale and was the happiest gal in the shops. Also, had good time catching up over dinner with sum frens. Cant wait for London & Paris. Primark, Sephora, Selfridges, Topshop, H&M , Harrods and MIU MIU here I come.

2. BAH. My insomnia kicked in again.I passed out at home after 3 nights in a row of sleepless night. Was admitted to the hospital and refered to a Psychology Doctor. Could I really deep inside be suffering from depression ? boohooo..

3. I have frequent SSF in Penang twice in a month. Found the perfect ala victorian style dressing table. So chio right ? I want one too !!!


4. Have been checking out some beauty blogs and managed to get hold of some Beautymaker products from Taiwan.I guess the brand need no introduction. Not only the price are cheap they really work for me. Do give it a try if you chance upon them. Now I want a trip to TAIPEI to stock on them.