May 19, 2009

another sleepless night.

bad shape.

i tried everything that i could.

warm milk. camomile tea. lavender eye pillow. locittane pillow mist. read. exercise.

you have any other suggestions ?


A book with a secret

May 11, 2009


The ring on the book create an interesting shadow of a heart shape.  Such a beautiful picture.

On another note, here are some rather random but interesting images.



Time to ramble bout my last….

1. Person I called
Ling – The ex Melium Loyalty Manager

2. Item I last bought
Blackberry Curve half sponsored by Mummy dearest

3. Person I IM with

4. Movie I watched
X Men – Wolverine

5. Drink I made

6. Received something from
A wrist band from Willies and vintage tees from Bangkok by KC.

7. Dinner I ate out with
Amy at Delicious, Bangsar Village

8. Song I listened to
Start from Here by Joanna Wang.

9. Most of your money goes to
Clothes and shoes that I dont need. Generic happiness.

10. Last TV Programme watched
Desperate Housewives Season 5

My Dorsage of Verbal Diarrhea

May 5, 2009

I have been stacked up by work and life goes back to normal with daily clocking in and clocking out at Melium. My company is down by half and I am currently filling 3 person’s work. Budget, budget and more budget. I got to work on all 15 brands budget and now all numbers looks the same to me. DAMN. How much I hate work these days that I dread waking up every morning. I hope this will past very soon.

3 more week till I age, a year older, none the wiser.

On a brighter side, I will be travelling to HK & Macau for my birthday and to London, Paris  & Rome in September all courtesy of Daniel.

Not being a very gadget person, I received 2 new gadget recently. Panosonic Lumix3 and a Blackberry Curve 8900. Not only they are gorgerous and no doubt they performed well too.


Such a beautiful creation. Mine was black. I prefer it to be classic.Xiaxue got hers all blinged out. Check out her blog.