Short Getaway at Bali

Bali isn’t as small as we thought. We missed out quite a number of tourist attractions but we vowed to come back again.
It was a getaway for our anniversary and indeed an un-forgetful and a LOVE-filled trip. On the first day, we basically just hang out at the villa followed by a short shopping trip at Kuta & Legian. For dinner, we dine at Jimbaran with the most beautiful view of sunset. An amazing view so memorable that everyone should at least be there once. The food was really lousy & the price was exorbent at Matahari Cafe hence do go and try others if you were there and let me know.

I like that The Elysian’s goes to the extend to provide lounge music in ipod, hat for tanning and the chio white flip flops.


Beautiful sunset dinner at Jimbaran is a MUST.


Shopping at Kuta & Legian


The pool, Ole-ole corner, our daily American breakfast and amongst my shopping goodies.


Places of Interest at Bali


And not forgetting the famous Babi Guling at Ibu Oka. It was good for me the first few mouthful and when it comes to half the portion, it’s too porky for me then.



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