Beauty Fool


You know how you read mostly in Chinese magazines though I can’t read chinese but somehow we gals seems to be very much interested in the feature of what’s in a celebrities bag or even make-up bag. Hence that explain my post today. This is a collection of my make-up junks.

To contrary beliefs, I seldom wear foundation unless I look like shit ie. hangover, 3 continuous day of brain frying. On normal day, I only brush on Laura Mercier mineral powder. But I swear by blusher, YSL concealer and my Philosophy lip balm.
I am not much of a make-up obsessionist however I do like to read on reviews and try out products that aren’t available in our country.
Some of my all time favourites are:-

1. Nars blusher – They have this color name after ” Orgasm ”
2. YSL Concealer
3. Philosophy Lip Balm – Even my baby commented that it was good as he was using mine when we were travelling.
4. Merinesse Mascara

As quote by many, there are no ugly women, but lazy women in this world.


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