This is the Day

Today mark the day, 30th March 2009 as our first anniversary. This was the day I have found the guy that some of my married friends will tell me the feeling that you will experience when you meet him. The quotes are like ” You just now” or ” He is the one for me.” Indeed I thank GOD for he is the greatest gift I have ever received in my life.


This morning I received an email from him. I was hesitating whether to post this up but I somehow I did. I was in tears and couldnt stop sobbing as the words were real and touching…well at least for me for he is not a man of sweet words.
Here it goes.

Dear dear,

I hope you are having a cheerful morning – no monday blues I hope.

I’m sorry for not being able to accompany you on your way to work just now. I’m now probably helping my parents and uncle to ” Qing Ming” at Yan, Kedah. I’ll be missing you and longing for your companionship in future family outings like these. If you feel a sudden warmth, that’s me hugging you from behind and wishing you….


Thanks for making the past 365 days on my life the best time of my life. Never a day pass by without me thinking of you. I think of you all the time. Right from the moment I wake up everyday to the last moments before I sleep at night. I feel more happy and loved just by these thoughts alone. My thoughts of the future has you in the centre of it all.

I love the thought of growing old with you my love.

Look forward to spending time with you in Bali soon.

Chun Fong


And you may ask, what have I done for this special occasion then ? I got around to get Kin Leong to help me buy a stalk of red rose and during his game ( which is actually now ), to pass him the red rose with me on the line on Kin Leong’s phone. And surprise!!! Wish me luck…


One Response to This is the Day

  1. sy says:

    i was trying to figure out the pics you posted until i finally realised it’s I LOVE U…hahahaha…so creative.

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