25 Random Things

Remember that 25 Random Things that everyone’s doing on Facebook ?
– I’ll do it now.

1. I am a CATsaphobic. Cat = Phobia to me.
2. I’ve been kiss by lesbian and some said I have a tendency to be one.
3. I cannot run up a flight of stairs. Balancing issue.
4. I hate parsley and celery.
5. I actually like Hello Kitty & Forever Friends.
6. I used to like pink. But I prefer grey and white now.
7. Before I dont really like dogs. Now I heart my doggie to death.
8. I have my pillow since I was baby and cant sleep without ‘ her.’
9. I walk like a ” penguin ” when I get tired after a long day walking at Bangkok / HK.
10. I need my coffee everyday.
11. Sometimes, I really think I’m going to die young.
12. I don’t really fancy seafood.
13. I am really a cheapskate, when it comes to certain things.
14. I have to talk to my baby on the phone at least 3 times a day.
15. A fortune teller once told me that I will marry late. I guess its late since I am already going to be 28.
16. I always pray that #15 is not true but now I’m ok with it.
17. I took fencing and archery during my college days.
18. Really really like dancing. All sorts of dance.
19. I have 6 different color of havaianas slipper.
20. I got stunged by a bee when I was 15 years old.
21. I am allery to prawns.
22. I’ll get migrain after eating hard boiled eggs. Happens to my sister as well.
23. I crave for spicy food most of the time.
24. I am a very punctual person. Trying to change…
25. I have organized a wedding from scratch. Stressful but fun.

Can’t believe I finished all 25 of them.


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