Beauty Fool

March 31, 2009


You know how you read mostly in Chinese magazines though I can’t read chinese but somehow we gals seems to be very much interested in the feature of what’s in a celebrities bag or even make-up bag. Hence that explain my post today. This is a collection of my make-up junks.

To contrary beliefs, I seldom wear foundation unless I look like shit ie. hangover, 3 continuous day of brain frying. On normal day, I only brush on Laura Mercier mineral powder. But I swear by blusher, YSL concealer and my Philosophy lip balm.
I am not much of a make-up obsessionist however I do like to read on reviews and try out products that aren’t available in our country.
Some of my all time favourites are:-

1. Nars blusher – They have this color name after ” Orgasm ”
2. YSL Concealer
3. Philosophy Lip Balm – Even my baby commented that it was good as he was using mine when we were travelling.
4. Merinesse Mascara

As quote by many, there are no ugly women, but lazy women in this world.


This is the Day

March 30, 2009

Today mark the day, 30th March 2009 as our first anniversary. This was the day I have found the guy that some of my married friends will tell me the feeling that you will experience when you meet him. The quotes are like ” You just now” or ” He is the one for me.” Indeed I thank GOD for he is the greatest gift I have ever received in my life.


This morning I received an email from him. I was hesitating whether to post this up but I somehow I did. I was in tears and couldnt stop sobbing as the words were real and touching…well at least for me for he is not a man of sweet words.
Here it goes.

Dear dear,

I hope you are having a cheerful morning – no monday blues I hope.

I’m sorry for not being able to accompany you on your way to work just now. I’m now probably helping my parents and uncle to ” Qing Ming” at Yan, Kedah. I’ll be missing you and longing for your companionship in future family outings like these. If you feel a sudden warmth, that’s me hugging you from behind and wishing you….


Thanks for making the past 365 days on my life the best time of my life. Never a day pass by without me thinking of you. I think of you all the time. Right from the moment I wake up everyday to the last moments before I sleep at night. I feel more happy and loved just by these thoughts alone. My thoughts of the future has you in the centre of it all.

I love the thought of growing old with you my love.

Look forward to spending time with you in Bali soon.

Chun Fong


And you may ask, what have I done for this special occasion then ? I got around to get Kin Leong to help me buy a stalk of red rose and during his game ( which is actually now ), to pass him the red rose with me on the line on Kin Leong’s phone. And surprise!!! Wish me luck…

25 Random Things

March 19, 2009

Remember that 25 Random Things that everyone’s doing on Facebook ?
– I’ll do it now.

1. I am a CATsaphobic. Cat = Phobia to me.
2. I’ve been kiss by lesbian and some said I have a tendency to be one.
3. I cannot run up a flight of stairs. Balancing issue.
4. I hate parsley and celery.
5. I actually like Hello Kitty & Forever Friends.
6. I used to like pink. But I prefer grey and white now.
7. Before I dont really like dogs. Now I heart my doggie to death.
8. I have my pillow since I was baby and cant sleep without ‘ her.’
9. I walk like a ” penguin ” when I get tired after a long day walking at Bangkok / HK.
10. I need my coffee everyday.
11. Sometimes, I really think I’m going to die young.
12. I don’t really fancy seafood.
13. I am really a cheapskate, when it comes to certain things.
14. I have to talk to my baby on the phone at least 3 times a day.
15. A fortune teller once told me that I will marry late. I guess its late since I am already going to be 28.
16. I always pray that #15 is not true but now I’m ok with it.
17. I took fencing and archery during my college days.
18. Really really like dancing. All sorts of dance.
19. I have 6 different color of havaianas slipper.
20. I got stunged by a bee when I was 15 years old.
21. I am allery to prawns.
22. I’ll get migrain after eating hard boiled eggs. Happens to my sister as well.
23. I crave for spicy food most of the time.
24. I am a very punctual person. Trying to change…
25. I have organized a wedding from scratch. Stressful but fun.

Can’t believe I finished all 25 of them.

A dream house

March 12, 2009

The love of my life bought a new place at Nautilus Bay and we have plans to do some minor renovation to the already perfect place. It has the most beautiful view of the sea and what more could  one ask for ?

I was given the task , a BIG – HUGE task on home interior for a place we will call our home. I know its not going to be easy but I know we will do this together.

Here are some pictures that inspire me.

1. Day bed

Day bed yell out practical and functional! What better than a beautiful day bed in the sun filled solarium where we can sit and read, have guests sleep in or just a lounge out area.


Day beds are great for extra seating or a seating alternative in a small space, great for bedrooms. It’s deep enough to fill up with pillows and use as a sofa or as a guest bed for guests or a simple afternoon nap. Not only that, but snuggle up on a day bed while watching a movie, it’s one of the most comfy, romantic things!

2. Colorful Frame Pictures and Black & White Audrey Hepburn



3. Lots of flowers for the house – White lilies / Pink & Champagne color roses


4. 10 “C” s for Cushion / Cosy / Chic / Coffee Table / Colours / Comfort / Candles / Creativity / Cups / Carpets


Quote for the week : “Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”- William Morris