Say bye bye to Polaroid

414c6yt0rml_aa280_Being in the industry ( fashion ), polaroid camera is a very common thing.   Polaroid make instant still images and capture them in a white simplistic frame. I myself have never gotten around to own one however I have a few friends who does and it was serious fun just playing and capturing those crazy days together.


I recently found another OBSOLUTE FABOULOUSITY software from www. and it can turn your picture into a polaroid.


Its just that simple.Here is some random pictures using the software.







12 Responses to Say bye bye to Polaroid

  1. Huey says:

    Looks fun! Going to try out! Wonder if it makes watermark?

  2. whitepetals says:

    Or else try Photoscape…Much better quality. : )

  3. Huey says:

    Can’t ler. I’m on a Mac. That’s only for Windows I think. :/

  4. Stephanie says:

    omg, where do they sell these?
    and what kind is it?

  5. cherryl says:

    jasmine is it or

  6. lili says:

    you can buy this sort of camera here :

  7. monika says:

    okay this might be extremely random, but here’s the thing…. i am at school at the moment and i happened to google polariod images.
    i found this , i scrolled down and quiet frankly i have no idea what this is…BUT I DO INDEED love polaroid cameras, and the things it captures with brilliant eyes. i wish i had one, i plan to hunt for one at the flea market well anyhoo…. THANX 4 UR TIME ;D

  8. updates polaroid camera details where i can buy in indain country

  9. Shannon says:

    Hi, this is very random, but I wanted to ask your permission to use the image of one of your polaroids. I don’t want the photographed image itself, but rather the white polaroid image which I’d like to use in a book I’m doing for my Layout class. I want the images that I have in my book to look like polaroids. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  10. Nadine says:

    I was wondering how you got your pics up on your site. I tried to save it under a file but it wouldn’t work. Is there any possible way you can do it?

    Also, I’m also very upset that polaroid stopped production but rumor has it that in the summer they’ll be producing more!!

  11. Toan Tran says:

    what kind of film you use? Can you tell me where to buy the film? and the name of the film? I have one exactly same as yours, a sky blue too.

  12. @v@ says:

    i want one! Where do you get them now days???

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