Say bye bye to Polaroid

February 28, 2009

414c6yt0rml_aa280_Being in the industry ( fashion ), polaroid camera is a very common thing.   Polaroid make instant still images and capture them in a white simplistic frame. I myself have never gotten around to own one however I have a few friends who does and it was serious fun just playing and capturing those crazy days together.


I recently found another OBSOLUTE FABOULOUSITY software from www. and it can turn your picture into a polaroid.


Its just that simple.Here is some random pictures using the software.







What is Polyvore ?

February 23, 2009

Polyvore is a web application that lets you create composed of images in a set . You then can publish and share it with your friends and the Polyvore community.

I like to call them my mood board . Have fun playing with them!

safe_imagephpMood Board 1 : A night out for an event / friend’s wedding dinner

safe_image2phpMood Board 2 : A date with my darling / hangout with girlfriends on a saturday afternoon or even to work.

safe_image3phpMood Board 3 : A relaxed sunday / Shopping or Flea Market / A walk in the park with my doggie and him.


Mood Board 4 : Casual friday at work / Starbucking / Lounging/ Travelling

Two – 0 0 – Nine

February 23, 2009

I have been inspired to blog for the longest time but somehow it just didn’t happen. For many reasons but I am not going there.

2008 has zoomed pass in a blink of an eye.Someone important came in to my life and it gave me hope & faith to be stronger in all aspect of life. Here is the list that I have written , my to-do-list/ wish list/ resolutions or whatever you may called it.

1. Spend quality time with the people that matters most to me. You know who you are.
2. Learn to bake
3. Invest in ONLY good shoes

4. Take up a new dance ( Belly dancing maybe )
5. Do a scrapbook of cooking recipes & home interior
6. Learn how to make cocktails
7. Travel to Europe
8. Take up photography